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In response to agency requests, we will host a second offering of The Case for Records Management: Issues for Federal Agency Counsel at Archives I in Washington, DC on Monday, May 11, 2015.

Why attend?

Legal professionals know when business-critical information is missing or inaccessible, an agency risks fines, damage to its reputation, failure to perform its mission and expensive litigation. This half-day briefing by NARA legal and records management staffs will discuss how to build a legally defensible records management program and issues related to e-discovery, records retention and legal holds, and electronic information.

Who should attend?

This briefing is targeted toward general counsels, inspector generals, attorneys and paralegals interested in the management of their own records or are responsible for providing legal direction in Federal agencies regarding agency records management and litigation.


Because space is limited, attendees must pre-register.  Register at or click here:

When:  Monday, May 11, 2015; 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Where:  Archives I, Washington, DC – Jefferson Conference Room

Cost:  None

Entry:  Special Events entrance on Constitution Avenue

For persons unable to attend, a recording of a previous briefing is available on our YouTube page:

Part I: Approximately 80 minutes

  • Key points in Federal statutory and regulatory requirements that relate to agency records
  • Best practices in building a defensible records management program
  • Counsel’s role in an agency records management program
  • Challenges and legal issues associated with electronic records

Part II: Approximately 75 minutes

  • The Nexus Between E-Record Keeping and E-Discovery
  • Email, Backup Tapes, Metadata
  • Legal Holds on Records and the Duty of Agency Counsel
  • The Presidential Memorandum and Implementing the Managing Government Records Directive

This update comes from the GRS Team.

First, we would like to note that monthly status updates on the GRS project are available on our web page in the “Recent News” section. These status updates include all present and future schedules we are working on or have planned, which GRS Transmittal we expect to issue each schedule in, and the expected month and year of issuance. It also identifies which GRS appraiser is responsible and the current status of the schedule. New monthly updates are usually available sometime the first week of the month. If you have any questions about the status of a schedule, please contact

We would also like to remind you about the draft Capstone GRS and upcoming public meeting we announced last week.

GRS Project Status

GRS Transmittal 24 is in the home stretch. We are planning to issue this transmittal sometime this June. Currently, four schedules have been signed by the Archivist, one is on its way for signature, and two will come off the Federal Register the beginning of April. The following schedules are planned for GRS Transmittal 24:

2.1 Employee Acquisition Records (DAA-GRS-2014-0002) (pending OPM concurrence)

2.5 Employee Separation Records (DAA-GRS-2014-0004)

2.8 Employee Ethics Records (DAA-GRS-2014-0005)

4.1 Records Management Records (DAA-GRS-2013-0002)

4.2 Information Access and Protection Records (DAA-GRS-2013-0007, DAA-GRS-2015-0002)

6.2 Federal Advisory Committee Records (DAA-GRS-2015-0001)

The next batch of schedules is also well on its way. Three schedules have already gone out for agency review (1.3 Budget Records, 2.4 Employee Compensation and Benefits Records, and 4.4 Library Records). We are currently adjudicating comments on those schedules and want to thank everyone that provided feedback. We really appreciate it and your comments do often result in revisions! Five more schedules are expected to go out for review sometime in April:

2.2 Employee Management Records

2.3 Employee Relations Records

2.6 Employee Training Records

5.4 Facilities, Fleet and Equipment Records

5.5 Mail and Telecommunications Services Records.

So please keep an eye on RM Communications for your chance to review and provide feedback on these draft schedules.

We are also starting work on our final batch of schedules, although these are in the very early stages of development. You may be hearing from us later in the summer or early fall seeking assistance during the development process. This will be the last batch of schedules related to the current update project.

We also want to give everyone a heads up that a survey will be coming out in a few months asking for feedback on the new GRS and how it is working in your agencies.

General Records Schedule 6.1: Email Managed Under a Capstone Approach 

Given public interest in Federal Government email management, and in conjunction with its publication in the Federal Register, NARA is soliciting comments on General Records Schedule 6.1: Email Managed under a Capstone Approach. To facilitate the comment process, a copy of the review package comprised of the proposed records disposition schedule, accompanying FAQ, and appraisal memoranda, can be downloaded (.pdf).  To aid in public understanding of this GRS, we created a White Paper (.pdf) that provides additional background information on the Capstone approach, appraisal of records at NARA, and the development of this general records schedule.

This records schedule was developed to provide disposition authority for agencies who implement a Capstone approach to managing their email as outlined in NARA Bulletin 2013-02: Guidance on a New Approach to Managing Email Records [Capstone]; and to assist agencies in meeting Goal 1.2 of the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18), which requires agencies to manage both permanent and temporary email records in an accessible electronic format by December 31, 2016.

So that we can insure all comments are received and considered, comments must be sent to no later than June 1, 2015.

An open public meeting will also be held to solicit comments on this schedule. The meeting will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2015, in the McGowan Theater (basement level), National Archives and Records Administration downtown building, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW (Metrorail’s Yellow or Green lines to the Archives/Navy Memorial station). Please enter on the Constitution Avenue side of the building, the “Special Events” entrance (which is actually the exit for the general public). Additional information on this meeting is published in a separate Federal Register Public meeting Notice.

OPM released a memorandum for Chief Human Capital Officers announcing the final version of the Records Management Occupation Flysheet (O308) and the Qualification Standard on March 10. This action formally created a new occupational series of records and information management. We believe this will elevate the roles, responsibilities, and skill sets for agency records officers and other records and information professionals.

The task of establishing the occupational series is an important target in the Managing Government Records Directive. OPM conducted multiple rounds of review, focus groups, and received numerous comments from us, the federal records management community, and other interested groups as they created this series.

OPM Deputy Associate Director, Recruitment & Hiring, Kimberly A. Holden said “Establishment of this new series brings into focus the records and information management workforce using one occupational series to provide consistency in describing, classifying, and recruiting for records and information management specialists across the Federal Government.”

For specific questions regarding how this series will be applied at your agency please contact your Human Capital Office for details. General questions or feedback to NARA can be sent to: Preston Huff at or Lisa Haralampus at We look forward to hearing from you about this new series

We are pleased to announce the release of a report on open source tools for records management. This report was produced in response to item A3.2 in the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18) and is available here. This item actively encourages NARA to work with agencies to review and identify open source tools for records management tasks. To start this discussion, we’ve compiled a selection of open source tools that could be used for various records management functions. The list is a “snapshot” of available tools as of October 2014. We haven’t tested the tools, nor do we endorse them.

We will now be moving this discussion to the ERM Automation Working Group wiki. The wiki provides a space for federal employees to contribute to the list and share their experiences with the tools. Members of the wiki are encouraged to describe how they have used tools and share additional recommendations.

Note that this project only focuses on currently available open source tools. NARA will not be developing any new records management solutions in the scope of this project. However, NARA will explore building relationships with the open source community to identify gaps in tools and identify opportunities for external involvement to develop new solutions. The intended audience for this document is not only records management and IT staff in Federal agencies, but also developers in the open source community and any other interested parties.

Please contact Beth Cron ( or Lisa Haralampus ( with any feedback.

We look forward to continuing this discussion!

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