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Archive for October, 2013

The REAL Smokey Bear

In honor of Fire Prevention month, we’ll have several posts about records relating to fire prevention. The cartoon Smokey appeared in 1944 as part of a larger wildfire prevention program, but the story of the real Smokey Bear began in 1950 in New Mexico’s Capitan Mountains. Smokey was just a cub when he was rescued […]

Project Blue Book: Home Movies in UFO Reports

In a previous post, we gave an overview of Project Blue Book, the 1952-1969 United States Air Force investigation into UFO sightings. For that post, we featured publicity interviews produced by the Air Force that explained the project. This week, we’ll feature some of the home movies that were submitted by citizens as evidence of […]

Federal Theater in Los Angeles and Across America

The Federal Theater Project of the New Deal era ran from 1935 to 1939. Its task was to employ the talents of people in the theater business, as well as the skilled craftspeople the theater required to function, as it entertained Americans throughout the country while they suffered through the Great Depression. Actors, directors, playwrights, […]

Declassified Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings – 4th Quarter

In an effort to provide information on recently declassified motion pictures and sound recordings the Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branch will publish a quarterly list of newly declassified records. As of September 30, 2013 the following records have been declassified. Motion Pictures: Local Identifier           Title No moving images were declassified during this quarter.   […]