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Looking to the Future: Space Culture on Film

The launch of Sputnik and the space race led to an era of optimism which influenced pop-culture in America and overseas. We imagined where we might live, the clothes we might wear and the cars we might drive. Words and phrases such as astro and space age entered our vocabulary as a way to describe […]

Introducing The Unwritten Record!

Today we’re debuting our new name! From now on, the blog of the National Archives’ Special Media Services Division will be known as The Unwritten Record. We’ll feature the same great content—film, photographs, videos, sound recordings, and other non-textual records from the National Archives’ holdings– just with a new and improved name! Media Matters was fine, […]

This Week in Universal News: Elmer Trudgen’s One-Man Band, 1937.

This week, we have a performance from Elmer Trudgen, who created a one-man band with an impressive eleven different instruments. And yet Trudgen was not content to stop at that achievement–according to a 1939 newspaper article, he added a banjo to bring the grand total to fourteen instruments. From the Release Sheet: Elmer’s A Real […]