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This Week in Universal News: Introducing the Boeing 747, 1966

This week in 1966, Boeing introduced the world to the 747, the first jumbo jet. Today, production of the 747 is winding down, but when it first debuted with commercial airlines in 1970, the double-decker represented both scale of economy and the lap of luxury for those fortunate enough to travel in first class. Even […]

Images of the Week (9/20/2013)

The two photographs posted this week come from the series “Photographic File of the Paris Bureau of the New York Times, ca. 1900 – ca. 1950″ (306-NT). I guess you can say the theme this week is historic golf courses. Local Identifier: 306-NT-804-P-5  “Augusta, GA – “The Perfect Course” which has only 22 traps, known […]